Led Rechargeable Bulb/Tube

Led AC/DC Rechargeable Bulb/Tube

Where do we start about LED Bulb/Tube? These are the unsurpassed fixtures when compared to the traditional incandescent Bulb/Tube. They are the most preferred due to their white light capabilities. With the current scenario advocating the energy conservation concept, it is just a matter of time when LED Bulb/Tube will completely serve the purpose of eco-friendly and energy-saving lights. LED Bulb/Tube are advantageous over a long time period and it consumes lesser energy in comparison to the conventional Bulb/Tube.

Portable Hook to hang on anything.
LED Viewing Angle:180 Degree AC 220-240V.
Good Quality, Fit and Finish. Power Switch: For AC / DC Power Selection.
Eco Friendly, LED Rechargeable Energy Saving LED Light Bulb Pure White Light B22 Base.
Capacity: Once Recharge will glow 3-4 hours.



  • Power Consumption
  • Battery Backup
  • AC Input
  • 9W/12W
  • 3 to 4 Hour
  • 230V+ 10%