Flood Light Led

If you are a sport enthusiast, then you would undeniably know about a LED Flood Light. LED Flood Lights are popular for directing light in a specified beam angle thus minimizing the environmental and ecological concern of light pollution. LED Flood Lights are robust and maintenance-free with a ‘fit and forget’ policy. These solid state semiconductor devices provide substantial performance under voltage fluctuations and are reliable even when frequently switched on and off. Due to their mammoth benefits, LED Flood Lights have emerged as the preferred choice for both outdoor and indoor LED lightings solution.

It finds its uses in large auditoriums, museums, industries, playgrounds, game courts, stadiums, hospitals and construction sites. LED Flood Lights furthermore, have zero UV emissions and are operational in extremely cold or hot temperatures. They have design flexibility and durability coupled with instant lighting quality. LED Flood Lights are environment-friendly and consume very less energy leading to lower carbon footprint. A generous reduction in your electricity bill is definitely guaranteed with the LED Flood Light, be it in your private garden area or a public amenity.

Sr.No Product Catageory Model Power output
1 50 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACFL-50 50 W
2 80 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACFL-70 70 W
3 100 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACFL-100 100 W
4 150 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACFL-150 150 W
5 200 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACFL-200 200 W
6 Dusk to Dawn Sensors DDF-1 Optional
7 mounting Angles

Flood Light Led


  • Ip66 protection
  • Low power consuming
  • Energy saving
  • THD < 10%
  • Under/over voltage protection
  • Over temprature protection
  • Auto restart after correction
  • PWM controller
  • OSRAM make white bright's LED's
  • One year warranty