On-grid PV Solar Power Plant

On-grid PV Solar Power Plant

The solar power plant provides greater returns on investment to the residential , and industrial areas. It has been reduced the dependency on the grid power or diesel generator power and increased profits by reducing operational cost. Our team of experts gives a lot of focus on maintaining high quality, on-site supervision, safety measures and timeline management to ensure timely installation and also increase customer's return on investment. Time and again MSKP Solar has delivered best output at every level of the EPC value chain management.

A grid connected photovoltaic system supplies eletricity directly to the households and business. During daylight hours, the PV panels produce a DC current. This runs through an inverter that converts the DC current into AC electricity. It is then suitable for electrical appliances and export to the main electricity grid.

The electricity produced by the PV system is fed into the home's switchboard where it is used to help meet household electricity demand (and offset purchased electricity). If the system produces more electricity than the household is using then electrity is exported to the main electricity grid and the home owner usally receives a credit for that electricity during peak periouds and at night electricity is improted from the grid , as per normal. Maintenance of a grid connected PV system is generally limited to ensuring that shade from trees or other obstructions does not become a problem and occasionally checking the panel for dirt and when necessary, cleaning them with water.


Dramitically reduce or even eliminate monthly electicity bill & diesel Consumtion.

Insulation form rising electricity tariff.

Tax credits from solar.

Low an maintenance just a weekly wipe on panel. Minimum life of 25 Years.

Noise free Green Factor Demonstrates your environment consciousness.