Panel Light Led

Led Panel Light

LED Panel Lights is the latest buzzword and is quickly outpacing other conventional lighting technologies. LED Panel Lights offer top notch quality of light and has the ability to drastically reduce the power consumption. Be it your homes or businesses, LED Panel Lights is your go-to lighting option today. So, if you are planning to even redo your lighting fixtures, LED Panel Lights offer backwards compatibility with your old lights being replaceable by it.

LED Panel Lights are very much in use in d├ęcor due to its sleek look and better illumination capability. It offers better design flexibility and designers play with the point, line and plan to design panel lights as per the room requisite. Since they can be fixed into the panel itself, they take the shape of almost any type offering customizability to the LED light designers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are super thin at the same time being stylish and elegant. LED Panel Lights offer better light color adjustments and can be easily dimmed or brightened. It provides the best light quality and offers uniform lighting without any flickering issues. These easy-on-maintenance LED Panel Lights are the perfect way to decorate your homes and offices to get that urbane and classy look all the way.

Benefits & Features :


  • Output power range: 3w to 30 watt
  • Input AC Range : 95 volt to 295 volt
  • Power factor correction
  • THD < 10%
  • Under/over voltage protection
  • Over temprature protection
  • Auto restart after correction
  • PWM controller
  • OSRAM make white bright's LED's
  • One year warranty