Solar RO System


Solar RO systems are a new concept in Indian water purification industry. In such water purification systems, solar energy is utilized to power RO systems, which furthermore; generate clean water for drinking purpose. These solar RO water systems can purify water from any source. Water from river, pond or bore well, these solar RO systems can deliver safe drinking water anywhere you need; in addition, these systems are highly suitable for military camps, village areas and fairs and tourist places where arrangement of temporary drinking water is a prime requisite at minimal price.

Solar RO System Configuration

All instruments and parts are installed in a container; solar electric panel is fixed top of it or side as convenient. The best feature of such solar RO systems is their 24 hours working without any diesel generator or any expensive power source.


Solar Module 1 X 150Wp or 2 X 75Wp

Electronic Control Panel

RO water purifier (More than 50LPH capacity)

100 Liters SS storage water tank

Solar Module mounting structure

Wire & others

Product Key Features:

No chemicals used in purification.

Triple purification by RO + UV+UF.

In – built TDS Controller that allows

Adjustment of TDS level of purified water.

Wall mounted design, best suited for Indian

Housing to prevent tampering.

Efficient removal of bacteria, viruses and

micro- organisms

7 Stage Purification Process:

PP Filter (removes iron, rust or visible impurities)

Sediment Filter(reduces suspended solid in water)

Pre- carbon filter(reduces chlorine, color & odor)

RO membrane(reduces dissolved solids)

Post Carbon filter(restores natural taste of water)

UF (removes suspended solids and solutes of high molecular weight)

UV (provides double protection from harmful micro- organisms)

Sr.No Features: Detachable Storage Tank, Gives Energized Water, Inbuilt Metal Removal Mechanism Requires Less Maintenance, Multi Port Options, Self Charging Solar Intelligence Health Indicator, Solar Intelligence Health Indicator, Wall Mount
1 No of Purification stages: 7
2 Installation Wall Mount
3 Membrane Type: RO Membrane
4 (W X D X H): 300x240x380
5 Weight: 4kg
6 Warranty: 1 Year(s)
7 Purification Technology: RO
8 Operated Voltage 24v DC
9 Solar Panel 50Wp
10 Solar Battery Lithium ion (12.8 V 16Ah)
11 Solar Charge Controller 12/24V 10A
12 Housing M.S Powder Coated
13 Wire 2 C X 4.0 Sq mm
14 Solar Module Mounting Structure Hot dip Galvanized Iron
15 Warranty 1 year on MOTER AND SMPS membrane or filters not cover in warranty / Solar Accessories warranted for 5 years