AC Led Street Light

AC Led Street Light

One would wholeheartedly agree that outdoor safety in and around the vicinity of complexes and in the streets is as important as indoors. Street lights play a fundamental role in advocating street safety and what better than to fit LED Street Lights that not only illuminates the path but also saves you money. LED Street Lights offer a plethora of benefits main among them being the energy-efficiency they provide. It helps in trimming down the operating costs in the neighborhood and has less maintenance issues.

The principal benefit of LED Street Light is their targeted visibility which helps to light the desired path thus making the walkways safe for pedestrians to travel at night. They give out uniform lighting in the preferred direction thereby improving the visual acuity and safety. LED Street Lights have enormous energy saving potential with improved lighting superiority and enhanced controllability. The advantages of using LED Street Lights can be corroborated by the fact that the crime rates have drastically reduced in streets after its installation and hence it is a boon for night time travelers. With its durability and ruggedness, the society or locality is sure to benefit from LED Street Lights in the long run

Sr.No Product Catageory Model Power output Panel & Battery
1 12 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACSL-12 12w Luminary only
2 24 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACSL-24 24 W Luminary only
3 30 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACSL-30 30 W Luminary only
4 40 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACSL-40 40 W Luminary only
5 50 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACSL-50 50 W Luminary only
6 60 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACSL-60 60 W Luminary only
7 80 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACSL-80 80 W Luminary only
8 100 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACSL-100 100 W Luminary only
9 150 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACSL-150 150 W Luminary only
10 200 W without dusk to dawn sensor ACSL-200 200 W Luminary only
11 Dusk to Dawn DDS-1 Optional
12 Mounting Angle with pair of clamp 1 set Extra

AC LED Lighting


  • Wide spread of light to cover Maximum area
  • More illuminating compared To regular lighting
  • Power factor correction
  • THD < 10%
  • Under/over voltage protection
  • Over temprature protection
  • Auto restart after correction
  • PWM controller
  • OSRAM make white bright's LED's
  • One year warranty