Street Lights

Solar Street Light

Solar street lighting system is an ideal lighting program for the lighting of streets, squares and cross streets located in areas that are not connected to the power grid. This completely integrated program combines the latest and most innovative technologies available providing years of convenient and hassle free lighting. Fully constructed factory tested kits are available.

The separate solar photovoltaic street lighting program comprises of a (LED) as light, re-chargeable lead acid battery power for storage, PV segments for charging the battery, suitable electronics for the operation safe charging and discharging of battery power and mechanical hardware for fixing these sub systems.

Solar Street Light System


  • Power Output: 7w to 15 watt
  • Efficiency : >90%
  • Autonomy : >42Hrs
  • OSRAM led's
  • Polarity protection : Yes
  • Solar PV Module 40w/75w
  • Dusk to Dawn Feature : Yes
  • Battery deep discharges, over charge, reverse
  • Battery (3 to 5 Yr) : 12v/40ah, 12v/75ah
  • Low Battery (Red) and Charging (Green)
  • Pole, battery box, panel mounting e.t.c G.I
Sr.No Product Catageory Model Power output Panel & Battery devices can be connected
1 Solar Street Light system (conventional) SSL-9(3 yr) 7/9W 40WP, 12V/40AH(3YR) conventional with pole
2 Solar Street Light system (conventional) SSL-9(5yr) 7/9W 40WP, 12V/40AH(5YR) conventional with pole
3 Solar Street Light system (conventional) SSL-12(3 yr) 12W 75WP, 12V/75AH(3YR) conventional with pole
4 Solar Street Light system (conventional) SSL-12(5yr) 12W 75WP, 12V/75AH(5YR) conventional with pole
5 Solar Street Light system (Luminary) Big cabinet 9/12w NA Luminary only