Tube Light Led

Tube Light

Where do we start about LED Tube Lights? These are the unsurpassed fixtures when compared to the traditional incandescent tube lights. They are the most preferred due to their white light capabilities. With the current scenario advocating the energy conservation concept, it is just a matter of time when LED Tube Lights will completely serve the purpose of eco-friendly and energy-saving lights. LED Tube Lights are advantageous over a long time period and it consumes lesser energy in comparison to the conventional tube lights.

LED Tube Lights during their energy conversion cause less energy waste and are a good sophisticated choice since they produce soft quiet light with adjustable brightness. Additionally, they are rugged and maintenance-free with no replacement required for several years. The LED Tube Lights are preferred for their stability and safety and are not damaged even with frequent switching. The LED Tube Lights finds its application in indoor environments, educational institutes, healthcare centers, shopping complexes and airports. They are widely used in industries, home d├ęcor and commercial establishments owing to their longevity and customizability.

AC LED Tube Lighting


  • Uniform light
  • Eco friendly
  • Long life
  • More brightness
  • Under/over voltage protection
  • Over temprature protection
  • Auto restart after correction
  • PWM controller
  • OSRAM make white bright's LED's
  • One year warranty